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How to View and Delete Your Google Maps History on Android Nov 01, 2017 On your iPhone or iPad, open the Chrome app . At the bottom right, tap More History . At the bottom, tap Clear Browsing Data. Check Browsing history. It may be checked by default. Uncheck any other items you don't want to delete. Tap Clear Browsing Data Clear Browsing Data. At the top right, tap Done.

To clear all your browsing history just tap the "Clear Browsing History" button at the top of the page.* *Typing "chrome:history" in the address bar only works on Android devices. UPDATE: (07/17/13) Google Chrome Version 28.0.1500.12 for iOS adds the ability to view your personal browser history. Just navigate to Settings > History.

Proceed to clear your browsing history. Two. A note book if you want to take notes so that you can delete your history in the future with ease. With Google Chrome being the most commonly used browser on the iPhone X, we have focused on how to clear your history on the Google Chrome browser.

4 Ways to View and Recovery Deleted History on iPhone (iOS

Jan 19, 2017