Feb 04, 2019

DD-WRT Routers and Unlocator Smart DNS If you are confident with DD-WRT then simply follow our setup guides for setting up your router with Unlocator Smart DNS DD-WRT is a very powerfull open source software that works with a … DD-WRT: Changing your DNS to Google DNS, Familyshield, Etc Dec 18, 2012

Essentially the hack revolves around installing Pixelserv (an ultra-minimal web server) on your router and using that micro-server to poison the DNS requests sent to known ad-serving sites. The

The Best Wireless Routers That Can Run DD-WRT | PCMag Dec 15, 2017

I'm trying to set a DD-WRT router to reply to DNS requests with it's own hostname (via the DD-WRT router's DNSMasq daemon). I can set other local hostnames (using Static Leases section) and these are returned in DNS queries from the DD-WRT router. But adding the DD-WRT router hostname to it's own mapping of DNS name → IP results in failed DNS hostname lookups.

Dec 15, 2017 Router Basics - DD-WRT This open-source firmware upgrade is developed for specific router models and used as a replacement for the inconsistent stock firmware. Modifying a router to DD-WRT lifts restrictions built in to the default firmware, providing advanced capabilities to make your Internet and … Create an OpenVPN tunnel on the DD-WRT without using Sep 07, 2012 Adding static DNS records on DD-WRT · the.Zedt