Correct Answer: Why won't my mobile hotspot work

Make Sure Personal Hotspot is Turned On. This seems obvious, but sometimes Personal Hotspot is … iPhone Hotspot Not Working in iOS 11.3? Here Is the Fix 5 Ways to Fix iPhone Hotspot Not Working 1. Check with Your Carrier & Enable Cellular Data Plan. The primary thing you should have known about is whether you 2. Turn on & Then Turn off Airplane Mode. One of the reasons for iPhone hotspot not working in iOS 11.3 may be a problem 3. Try Other Fix iPhone Personal Hotspot Not Working Issue - How to Apr 14, 2017

Slide the Personal Hotspot switch to on to make your iPhone now discoverable. Your phone will start acting like a wireless access point with the network name as your iPhone's device name. Find and Connect to the New Wi-Fi Hotspot Created. Find the Wi-Fi hotspot from the device you want to share Internet access with; this will probably be done

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Turn off Wi-Fi Calling. Wi-Fi calling is a great feature, automatically switching a regular phone call to …

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