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Java: Lesson 1 - Speaking with the Finch - BirdBrain Program. Exercise 1: Make the Finch say a string with at least 15 words. How do you need to change the sleep() command to give the program enough time to Exercise 2: Exercise 3: Exercise 4: Java: Lesson 10 - Writing Methods for Finch - BirdBrain To write a method that uses the Finch, you will often want to declare the Finch as a private static variable. You should create the Finch object inside the class constructor. This is shown below for a class called FinchMethods. You can then declare methods that use the Finch. Snap! Finch Basics - BirdBrain Technologies

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Use safety glasses when working with wood projects. Avoid painting a finch birdhouse unless it is nontoxic. Creating the best environment for families is not only important for humans, but also for finches. If you want to build a birdhouse for finches, you must create a safe environment offering 3 Ways to Bond with Pet Finches - wikiHow Jun 14, 2019

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