The men's and women's winners of the 2020 Australian Open tennis tournament in doubles play will each earn $522,169 per team or $261,085 per player in prize money. Runners-up - $261,085 (vs $270,602 last year) Works out to $130,543 per player Semifinalists - $137,413 (vs $137,105 last year)

The 2020 Australian Open has the tournament’s highest purse of all time, though it still won’t break last year’s U.S. Open for the record of highest-paying tennis tournament ever. The Australian Open has had equal prize money for the men’s and women’s tournaments since 2001. Australian Open 2020 guide: Dates, schedule, prize money australian open prize money A total of $71 million prize money is up for grabs at the 2020 Australian Open , a record pool of riches following a 13.6 percent increase on the purse in 2019. Australian Open prize money rises to $36m - Daily Nation Dec 21, 2016 Australian Open 2020 TV Stations, Live Stream and Prize Money Dec 26, 2019

Australian Open: Alexander Zverev to donate prize money if

Sep 18, 2017 · The overall prize money suggested for the Australian Open next year is $50 Million in (Australian Currency) which means there will be 15% hike in the fund after next two tournaments. The winners of men and women doubles competition collected ($650,000). The prize money increased from $50 million to $55 million. Singles winner make $4 million in Dylan Alcott says each player has a unique story as well as the ability to play impressive tennis.(ABC Radio Melbourne: Fiona Pepper)He started competing in 2002, and with the Australian Open

Jul 19, 2019 · The men’s and women’s singles winners at Flushing Meadows will each walk away with a cheque of $3,850,000 (£3,074,128) after the United States Tennis Association increased prize money yet again. It means the US Open keeps its title as richest Grand Slam as the totals is the best in tournament history. The Australian Open upped its 2019

Dec 26, 2019 Australian Open prize pool jumps to $49 million, biggest Dec 24, 2019