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but still no polciy manger when trying to log in is keeps saying connection can not be established. I deactivated the windows firewall but no changes, Interesting is that the corresponding msg window states "Cant connect to dc01.elora.intern:8080". The client receives the server's token in a message, retrieves the token from the received message, and uses that token in a call to its security package. The client then calls the security package again indicating whether a secure connection has been established or whether further exchanges are needed before a secure connection is ready. As far as the first part of your question is concerned, you could refer to this: cant-connect-to-sql-server-database-with-netbeans Just add integratedSecurity=true; to the end of your connection string if you are using Windows Authentication, or false otherwise, and it should work. Oct 10, 2018 · For example, leave ping and other vital sensors with a short interval, but increase the interval for other sensors such as disk usage, which does not require immediate attention. Increasing the scanning intervals will directly reduce the number of requests per second, which is likely what is keeping your system busy most of the time.

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