The ICMP Redirect message is used to notify a remote host to send data packets on an alternative route. A host SHOULD NOT send an ICMP Redirect message. Redirects SHOULD only be sent by gateways. The IP address of the gateway and the internet header plus the first 8 bytes of the original datagram's data is returned to the sender.

Windows会忽视ICMP Redirect message报文吗? … 2017-7-17 · 在R1上写一条指向2.2.2.0/24的静态然后PC-1 Ping会收到ICMP 重定向报文,如下图:windows上开启… ICMP重定向(ICMP Redirect)_weixin_34410662 … 2012-9-12 · 网络中的路由器通过相互之间的共同努力,将用户的数据包转发到目的地。通常情况下,主机都会将去往远程网络的数据包发送到路由器,路由器再尽最大努力转发数据。但是在某些情况下,收到数据包的路由器可能并不是去往目的地的最优选择,也就是说该路由器并不在源与目标的路径当中,或者 cisco - ICMP redirect message - Network Engineering Stack 2020-6-5 · The wrong answer: ICMP Redirects to different gateways. 1 - which one would ICMP (from R1) message redirect to R2 or R3 ? The answer is implementation dependent, but relying on ICMP redirects to correct routing problems is asking for trouble, and is very unsupportable. Think about what happens if either R2 or R3 goes down.

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When Are ICMP Redirects Sent - 豆丁网 2008-11-15 · How ICMP Redirect Messages Work ICMP redirect messages datalink betterroute particulardestination. tworouters R1 sameEthernet segment defaultgateway userouter R1. Host routerR1 RemoteBranch office Host Router R1, after consultsits routing ICMP Message Types | Network Layer/Internet Protocols

2020-3-15 · 它的包格式与 Destionation Unreachable Message 相同,这里不再赘述. 各字段的意义及其值: Type:4 Code: 0 描述 当网管或者目标主机没有足够的 buffer 来处理对应的数据包时,就会丢弃数据包并发送此 ICMP 报文 Redirect Message 各字段的意义及其值:

Net = Packet Header != Security ? 0 : 1: May 2010 2020-2-28 · An icmp redirect host message can be sent from any router on the same broadcast segment as the end host that "needs redirection". Modern network infrastructures will typically have a single router gateway address per subnet however it is possible to have more than one router in a segment making the operational case for ICMP redirect messages.